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The Peak of Elegance,

Serving Homerville & Beyond

Since 1943



Homerville Jewelers was opened in the spring of 1943. Jack and Vera Hughley owned and operated the store for twenty-five years. The Hughleys sold the business to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall in 1968. When they decided to retire from the jewelry industry, the Hall’s sold the store to Lisa and Steve Conner in 2002. After thirty wonderful years of teaching American History, Lisa Morgan Conner retired from the Clinch County School System in 2018. Now Lisa has more time to devote to the jewelry store, offering something for everyone.    

    For the bride and groom, Lisa is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the wedding process starting with the proposal and ending with a selection of china. Homerville Jewelers carries a variety of engagement ring lines and the latest in fine china, offering everything from Lenox to Mottahedeh. Wilton Armetale is a popular metalware also offered at Homerville Jewelers. 
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For men, Homerville Jewelers offers a line of Niven Morgan cologne and lotions as well as the latest in rings, chains, and watches. Also for the avid hunter, Homerville Jewelers offers a large selection of knives.
For women, Homerville Jewelers has the latest in fashion jewelry, accessories, and a variety of fragrant candle lines such as Capri Blue and Niven Morgan. In fine jewelry, Homerville Jewelers offers a full line of diamonds, gold, silver, and pearls. The freshwater cultured pearls range in size, color, and styles. By special order, customized jewelry is also available at Homerville Jewelers.
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For children, Homerville Jewelers carries lots of clothing and gifts. For example, Bearrington Line, Petit Ami, Angel Dear, Will'beth, and Gantz are just a few lines available at Homerville Jewelers.
Lisa has worked hard to hand select her jewelry and gift lines. Her love and passion for jewelry and her personal style is reflected throughout the store. Visit Homerville Jewelers and allow Lisa and her friendly staff to meet your shopping needs.

Our Mission

The mission of Homerville Jewelers is to provide our customers with a shopping experience that will exceed their expectations of our store, our merchandise, and our service.



  • Homerville Jewelers will provide you with exceptional attention and personal accommodation with every visit to our store.

  • Homerville Jewelers will provide high quality merchandise, small town prices, great selections, and satisfaction.

  • Homerville Jewelers will show love to every customer.


We realize that individual taste, styling, and design are extremely important to you when you decide to make your jewelry, china, or gift purchase.

Our aim is to provide quality services and products with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our globally sourced designs help to express your unique personality and suit your lifestyle.

We will personally help you select the exact style and design that will celebrate your important occasions and milestones. We cherish you allowing us to be a part of the most important moments.

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