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Founded in 1892, privately held Pennsylvania based Wilton Armetale® designs and manufactures Armetale metalware, a unique, nontoxic aluminum based alloy that is ideal for cooking and entertaining. The company is known for original designs and works with both in-house designers and re-owned designers to create functional works of art. The attractive metalware keeps hot food hot longer and cold food cold longer and is offered in two finishes - a high polish similar to silver and a matte finish similar to pewter. A bridal registry favorite, the product line includes grill trays, chip and dip trays, bread serving trays, salad sets, cheese boards, serving trays, serving bowls, paella pans, serving trays, decorative objects such as crosses, cracker trays, pitchers, baskets, carving boards, grillware salt and pepper sets, gravy boats, vegetable grills, wine bottle coasters, trivets, cake stands, pizza trays and more.

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